For me coaching is like entering a dojo in which you, my client, and I practice, learn and grow stronger and more limber.  My aim is to help you bring more of yourself to life, become more comfortable in your own skin, tap more of your resources—inner and outer—and manifest more of what you want.

I work with leaders and other courageous people who are …

  • seeking more congruence between who they are and how they live (including how they work)
  • wanting to say YES to their next challenge or expansion
  • looking for an ally who will support them in living or leading courageously

Want to know more? Read on. Or contact me. We’ll schedule an inquiry call during which (at no cost) you can learn more about how I coach, and I can get a sense of your goals and needs. If we find there’s a good fit, we’ll jointly design our next steps.

What You Get from Me as a Coach

  • Deep listening that allows us quickly to get to the heart of what you want and the root of what’s been stopping you.
  • Tested tools: relevant and effective models and methods that we’ll adapt and apply to your situation.
  • Practical, creative thinking—helping you develop refreshing, low-risk, high-leverage practices that move you toward what you want.
  • Accountability: gently holding you to what you say you want to do; helping you learn from your “misses” and celebrate your successes.


 What I Help People Do

I have coached educators, business owners, CEOs, directors of non-profits, professional coaches, leaders in government and others who are committed to their own growth, fulfillment and increased effectiveness.  Over the years I have helped my clients…

  • clarify their personal or professional vision, values, mission or purpose
  • deepen their leadership confidence and competence
  • find or create work that is authentic and rewarding—personally and financially
  • attend to the health of their intimate relationships
  • set up and maintain regular practices of self-care
  • make major life decisions, such as work, school or relationship changes
  • bring major projects—such as publishing a book—to fruition
  • say yes—responsibly—to life-long dreams, passions or goals

 Specific Examples

Here are a few examples from my coaching work (names are changed to protect client confidentiality):

  • With just one coaching session, Tanisha got clear about her desire to attend graduate school.  She has since completed her undergraduate studies and been accepted to the Masters/Doctoral program of her choice.
  • Over four years of coaching, Barry found a better job, bought a house and moved, started a family and a consulting practice, and co-authored a book.
  • Julian used our coaching sessions to commit to and plan a trip to China (which he took) to explore becoming a Taoist monk and to find a Master to study with—a 20 year dream of his.
  • Kate, a highly-paid executive coach, dramatically cut from her over-full schedule the activities she no longer found fulfilling, thereby making time to redefine her coaching niche and engage in self- and leadership-development practices.

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