About me

josephFor over 20 years I have been helping people learn, grow and heal. I’ve done so in a range of roles, including piano teacher, adventure-based educator, corporate trainer, facilitator, counselor, consultant and coach.

I offer my clients space and presence: the room to discover, and the safety to reveal, what’s most alive in them.  I draw from many years of musicianship, yoga, dance and outdoor pursuits, which have instilled in me a deep regard for the body’s wisdom and nature’s guidance. In addition to these, I bring to my work the lessons of my personal path toward greater dignity, courage and ease.

I live with my partner on a small farm in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. We’re endeavoring to live more lightly, grow more of our own food and generally develop and share resiliency skills and practices—all while staying connected to our out-in-the-world work and communities. I participate in the life and death and glorious mess of farming—from birthing to butchering, mucking out stalls, scything pastures, tending tomatoes, splitting wood. The physical labor and connection to nature inform me and my work.

The following additional pursuits fill and enliven me

  • writing
  • playing the piano
  • working with wood
  • walks in the woods, sometimes with camera
  • preparing and sharing fresh, delicious food

What I bring

The following are among the tools and experiences I draw upon in my work:

  • Certification in Shadow Work® facilitation (2001)
  • Certification in Inspirational BreathWork® facilitation (1996)
  • Graduate (1989) and former instructor (1991-1997), Outdoor Leadership Program
  • 20+ years as a consultant/ facilitator/trainer/workshop presenter
  • 15+ years conducting Deep Type ® assessments, a conversational method of determining Myers-Briggs Type
  • 6+ years mentoring others into leadership roles
  • 12 years as a leader and facilitator of men’s work
  • 10+ years engaged in social justice and, more specifically, racial equity work
  • 25+ years practicing movement forms, including Tai Chi, Astanga Yoga, and Contact Improvisation

Other influences on my work

  • The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter
  • Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Voice Dialog
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Insight Dialog
  • Arnold Mindell’s World Work
  • William Ury’s “The Power of a Positive No”